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A Message from Coordinator Lisa Hastings

A New Resource for Women of the Tri-State

SMMC Total Woman

Lisa Hastings, RN, BSN, MHA
The Total Woman Coordinator
(304) 526-1271

Hello Total Woman members,

February is Women’s Heart Month. As women we sometimes neglect ourselves while taking care of everyone else. This month take a little time out of your busy schedule and get to know your numbers – your risk for heart disease. Visit your primary care physician regularly. Have your blood pressure checked at least every year. Have your cholesterol checked at least every 5 years. Have your cholesterol checked every year if you have abnormal levels and more frequently if you take medications for cholesterol. Have a blood glucose test every 3 years after the age 45. More frequently, or sooner than age 45 if you have risk factors or family history of diabetes. Take the time and talk to your doctor about it. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will take care of the ones you love.