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Spiritual Care

St. Mary’s Department of Spiritual Care, Counseling & Mission

St. Mary’s Department of Spiritual Care, Counseling & Mission is accredited with The Commission on Accreditation of Pastoral Services (CCAPS) to maintain the highest standard and quality of spiritual care and services to patients, families and staff. St. Mary’s is one of only 35 healthcare facilities in the country to achieve this standard.

Catholic Sacraments

A Catholic Priest can be available to administer the Sacraments of Reconciliation (Penance) and the Anointing of the Sick to members of the Roman Catholic faith.


Two chapels are available within the medical center for quiet solitude or prayer.

The Chapel of the Risen Christ is located on the second floor and is accessed by taking the Lobby’s main elevator. It is always open and welcomes people of all faiths.

The Convent Chapel is located on the first floor of the original East building. Eucharistic Liturgy (Mass) is offered daily and is televised within the hospital on Channel 2.

Chaplain Visits

Chaplains visit throughout the Medical Center on a regular basis. You can request a chaplain visit through any staff member at any time.


The department’s Clinical Pastoral Education Program (CPE) is accredited with the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) and meets its standard to provide a one-year residency program and a 32-week intern program.

Eucharistic Minister Volunteers

Volunteers distribute Communion to Catholic patients daily. Protestant sacraments and rituals are also available upon request.

Night Call Ministry

The Spiritual Care Department is enhanced by local clergy who volunteer their time in the night hours of 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. The minister on-call will answer all emergency and pastoral related issues.


Morning and evening prayer is said each day over the Medical Center’s public address system. The Morning Prayer can also be accessed through the phone at extension 1800. Relaxation music and scenic videos can be viewed in patient’s rooms on Channel 42.

Support Groups

Transitions Grief Support Group meets twice a month providing adults who have suffered the loss of a loved one a healthy understanding of the grief process and the support of others going through the same difficult period.

No One Dies Alone is an in-house volunteer program that offers the gift of presence, comfort, music, reading of poems, scripture, etc. to those approaching end of life and have no family or support available to them.

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