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Students in the SOMI have several choices regarding curriculum tracks. All sophomore (year 2) students follow the same curriculum. At the end of the sophomore year, students may elect to continue in the radiography track or apply to the sonography track. Sonography will be limited enrollment and selection criteria is primarily based on MI coursework GPA. In the event of a tie, MU science courses and MU GPA will be used as the determining factor. Senior students (year 4) in either sonography or radiography have additional options. Radiography students will select from one of five advanced modality tracks. Sonography will select ABD/OB-GYN or Vascular/Echo. General Education requirements from Marshall University may change. Students should consult with the College of Health Professions at MU to determine any general education requirements. Students are required to complete both MU and SMMC graduation requirements prior to receiving their certificate from SMMC. After January 2015, applicants to the ARRT certification exam must also have the minimum of an AAS degree. The BS degree also meets an ARDMS requirement. Registered technologists wishing to complete the BSMI degree may enter the program in the fourth year.

Curriculum Details