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Pink Ribbon Fund

The Pink Ribbon Fund at St. Mary’s Breast Center was formed in 2006 to help ensure that all women have access to mammography services. Many women do not get annual mammograms due to a lack of health insurance or being underinsured. The fund pays for screening mammograms for these women to eliminate the financial barrier to getting a mammogram.

Since the Pink Ribbon Fund began, many women throughout the Tri-State have had a mammogram without any financial obligation. The fund’s designation was recently expanded to include diagnostic services due to the generous support of donors in the community through events like PATH to the Cure and the Ladies in Pink Luncheon.

One hundred percent of donations to the Pink Ribbon Fund are used to help women in the Tri-State area maintain their breast health.

Family Size Guideline
1 $26,000 per year
2 $33,000 per year
3 $40,000 per year
4 $47,000 per year
5 $54,000 per year
6 $61,000 per year
7 $68,000 per year
8 $76,000 per year

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