Radiography Clinical Affiliations and Clinical Assignments

The SOMI has multiple radiography clinical affiliations, all of which are within one hour drive from Huntington, WV. These include:

  1. St Mary’s Medical Center (SMMC) (Huntington) (includes cardiac catheterization lab, interventional radiography, mammography, and radiation oncology)
  2. Cabell Huntington Hospital (CHH) (Huntington) (includes Mammography Center, Orthopedic Clinic, and radiation oncology)
  3. Hershel Woody Williams VA Medical Center (VA) (Huntington)
  4. Huntington Internal Medical Group (HIMG) (Huntington)
  5. Mary’s Medical Center Ironton (Ironton, OH)
  6. Rivers Health (Point Pleasant, WV) (Advanced CT and MRI rotations only)

All radiography students will have clinical rotations through all facilities with the exception of Pleasant Valley Hospital, which is limited to senior students completing the advanced track in either CT or MRI. SMMC, CHH and the VA Medical Center are full service hospitals. CHH is a level one trauma center. HIMG is an outpatient facility with multiple physician specialties, CT and MRI. Ironton is a free-standing ER center with CT.

Clinical rotations vary by facility, but in general can vary from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Rotations are 7 hour shifts with a one hour lunch break. Beginning with the second semester (year one-spring) students will begin an evening rotation at SMMC and/or CHH (1:00 PM-9:00 PM. This rotation is usually in the Emergency Department.  Each student will have at least one 5:00 AM-12:00 PM rotation in mobile radiography (this rotation performs early chest radiography in the intensive care units). The SOMI does not have scheduled rotations on the weekends. Students are never scheduled for more than 40 hours/week didactic and clinical rotations combined. The clinical coordinator will provide the clinical rotation schedule at the beginning of each term.

The general didactic/clinical schedule is as follows (Note the SOMI does not offer part-time enrollment)

  1. Sophomore (year one in the program) Didactic schedule 8:00-2:30 Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Clinical rotations Tuesday and Thursday
  2. Junior (year two in the program) Didactic schedule 8:00-2:30 Tuesday and Thursday, Clinical rotations Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  3. Senior (year three elective track) Variable depending on track, but typically two to three days in the clinic. Didactic schedule variable.

For additional information see the following pages in the Student Handbook. (A control click on the Table of Contents and take you to the policy.)

  1. Clinical Assignments 3.0a pg. 107
  2. Overtime Policy 3.2 pg. 112
  3. Clinical Competency Policy 3.12 pg. 125