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Knee Replacement

Who is a candidate for knee replacement?

Before joint replacement surgery is considered, all non-surgical options should be tried first.

The best candidate is someone who has:

  • Daily pain that interferes with your normal activities
  • Significant knee stiffness
  • Instability, or buckling, of the knee
  • Significant deformity caused by osteoarthritis (bowlegs or knock-knees)

Latest advancements in knee replacement

Traditional total knee replacement (TKR) is still the gold standard solution and has been for many decades, but new techniques, materials and designs have given patients more options.

ConforMIS iTotal G2 Knee Replacement System

  • Designed for each individual based on your anatomy
  • Customized fit and alignment avoids sizing compromises common with traditional off-the-shelf implants
  • Designed to follow the shape and contour of each patient’s knee to help restore natural kinematics
  • Designed for optimal bone preservation
  • Cost is similar to standard total knee and covered by many major insurance companies

ConforMIS implants fit precisely by using CT scan data to design an implant made for each patient’s own knee. They match the shape and curvature of a patient’s natural knee to provide each patient with the potential for a more natural feeling knee.