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What is HeartCaring?

Cardiovascular diseases remain the leading cause of death in the United States. The growing body of research shows an under-diagnosis of those diseases and conditions in women, who experience differences from men in clinical indications, symptoms and treatment regimens. This spotlights the need for a gender-sensitive approach to cardiovascular medicine.

HeartCaring is a clinically-based program that helps hospitals across the country focus their attention on gender sensitivity in cardiovascular care. The goals of the program include ensuring that physicians recognize the unique heart healthcare needs of women and motivating women to make positive, healthy choices to prevent heart disease.

St. Mary’s Medical Center has committed to practice gender-sensitive medicine and has joined HeartCaring® to provide clinical information to physicians and educational messages to women. St. Mary’s is also committed to training more of its physician practices on the unique presentations and symptoms of heart disease in women.

Click here for a list of HeartCaring designated practitioners.