The Hands of Experience® in Advanced Health Care

Pre-requisite Courses

  1. All first year coursework must be completed according to the MU/SMMC published curriculum before entering the MI curriculum at SMMC.
  2. A letter grade of "C" or better must be obtained in each of the following Marshall University courses designated with an asterisk * (or equivalent courses from other institutions).
    • MAT 121 or higher College Algebra *
    • PHY 101 Introductory Physics (or higher) *
    • PHY 101L Physics Lab*
    • BSC 227 Human Anatomy* BSC 228 Human Physiology*
    • CLS 105 Medical Terminology
    • Communications (may be met by a variety of courses including English, speech, or composition)
  3. 3. Applicants who did not attend Marshall University should verify with the Marshall Registrar office that all course work will be transferable as equivalent to MU courses. Course work transferred as "unclassified" will not be acceptable as a requisite class.