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Tuition / Fees, Refund Policy, and Program Expenses

Unless otherwise noted, all fees are due at the beginning of each academic year. There is no difference in tuition for West Virginia residents or out-of-state residents. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Tuition is paid directly to SMMC-SOMI. Students who receive financial aid from Marshall may receive fall aid by August, but must contact the Financial Aid office early in order to do so. Students may be granted a short-term extension in fee payment under extenuating circumstances.


Projected expenses apply to SOMI courses only at the CFE. Students who take coursework at Marshall University may have additional fees or other expenses.

Expense Fall Semester Year I Spring Semester Year I
Tuition – credit $3,780 $3,780
Books/supplies $800 $100
Lab fees $20  
Uniform $200  
Background check/drug screen $100  
  Total $4,900 Total $3,880
Expense Fall Semester Year II Spring Semester Year II
Tuition – credit $3,780 $3,780
Books/supplies $200 $100
Drug screen $50  
  Total $4,030 Total $3,880
Expenses Fall Semester Year III Spring Semester Year III
Tuition – credit $3,780 $3,780
Books/supplies $200 $100
Drug screen $50  
Graduation exp   $200
  Total $4,030 Total $4,080

Refund Policy

The $300 deposit is non-refundable. If a student withdraws or is dismissed in the first three months, the MU refund schedule is followed. No refunds are given after three months.

Financial Aid

Students may apply for federal student loans or grants through the Marshall University Financial Aid office. Students will be required to register through Marshall University for classes. SMMC SOMI provides information on tuition or fees to Marshall University. SMMC SOMI has no influence regarding the award or denial of federal or state financial aid. SMMC- SOMI will notify MU and the Financial Aid Office if any student voluntarily withdraws or is dismissed from the program. St. Mary's Medical Center School of Medical Imaging is approved for VA funding.