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Tuition and Fees


Unless otherwise noted, all fees are due at the beginning of each academic year. There is no difference in tuition for West Virginia residents or out-of-state residents. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Tuition is paid directly to SMMC-SORC. Students who receive financial aid from Marshall may receive fall aid by August, but must contact the Financial Aid office early in order to do so. Students may be granted a short-term extension in fee payment under extenuating circumstances.

Entry Level Bachelor degree (Traditional Program) & RRT to Bachelors Science Respiratory Care (RRT to BSRC Program)

Application Fee = $30.00

Background Check and Drug Screen = $100.00 (Approximate)

*Students who take coursework at Marshall University may have additional fees or other expenses.

Estimated Costs of the Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care Program

Full-time tuition & fees = $325.00 per semester

Price per semester credit hour

1 Hour 2 Hours 3 Hours 4 Hours 5 Hours 6 Hours 7 Hours 8 Hours 9 Hours 10 Hours 11 Hours 12+ Hours (fulltime)
$325 $650 $975 $1,300 $1,625 $1,950 $2,275 $2,600 $2,925 $3,250 $3,575 $3,900

Other Costs (Estimated costs only – Subject to change)

Room & Board (on campus) =St. Mary’s does not provide housing but you can obtain housing through Marshall University. In the event you want to live on campus please contact Marshall University Housing

Some clinical rotations are not on campus, but all are within a 50 - 75 mile radius of our campus. Students are responsible for transportation costs to and from these clinical rotations.

  • Estimated other costs (books, clothing, instruments, etc.) = $2, 000 for 3 years (approximate & subject to change)​
  • Lab fee per semester $100
  • Lab Supply Bag $100 (One time purchase – sophomore year)
  • Drug Screen and Background Check - $100 annually
  • Uniforms for Clinical $125 - 150
  • Shoes for Clinical - $100 - $120
  • Stethoscope - $100
  • Graduation fee for Marshall - $50.00
  • Graduation Pin - $75 for standard. If you want a different pin estimated costs can be obtained.