What to Expect

Daily activities in addition to rotations

  • Pharmacokinetic dosing service
  • Nutritional support
  • IV to PO streamlining
  • Renal dosing adjustment
  • Anticoagulation monitoring
  • Code Blue response
  • Drug information

Monthly Responsibilities

  • Staffing as a Clinical Pharmacist (approximately 16 hours every 2 weeks)
  • Clinical Pharmacy On-Call Service
  • Journal club (SMMC journal club required, regional journal club optional)
  • Attend pharmacy staff meeting, clinical staff meeting and mandatory in-services

Required Projects/Presentations

  • Residency research project
  • Present at the regional conference
  • WVBOP approved continuing education seminar
  • Lunch-and-Learn in-service
  • Adverse drug reaction evaluations
  • Pharmacy department service improvement project
  • Pharmacy management project

Additional Responsibilities

  • Medication use evaluation
  • Case presentation with core rotations
  • Utilize PharmAcademic for documentation