Mission Statement

The mission of St. Mary's School of Medical Imaging is to prepare qualified graduates in the area of imaging sciences through current educational methodologies. The faculty, in collaboration with internal and external groups, will foster the development of a learning environment that is responsive to local and national trends in health care to produce multi-competent medical imaging professionals.

Program Philosophy

The faculty of St. Mary's School of Medical Imaging believes that medical imaging is a unique combination of art and science based on the desire to meet specific health care needs of the community. The focus of radiography medical imaging is to provide optimal results with the highest quality of patient care. The achievement of this goal requires the application of the physical and biological sciences coupled with effective communication and interaction skills.

We believe that learning is an end product of education. We believe that motivation, readiness, interest and perseverance are essential to effective learning. We also believe that learning occurs best in an atmosphere built on a cooperative teacher-student relationship.

We believe that medical imaging education is a planned program for the guidance of students in acquiring the knowledge and skills that will prepare them for entry level employment in the various fields of medical imaging. We believe that learning does not stop at graduation and the continuing education is an integral part of their professional development.

With this in mind, it is the responsibility of the faculty to select, plan, organize, implement and evaluate educational experiences for the students in a progressive manner that gives the students direction and allows for individual differences. In doing so, it is the responsibility of the student to cooperate with faculty in all programmatic policies and procedures and to fully cooperate in group activities. Only then can this educational program foster a cooperative environment that is conducive to student learning.