Students who wish to enter the sonography track will complete a separate admission form which must be submitted to the Sonography director/clinical coordinator no later than April 1. Sonography track admission is limited and will vary depending on clinical rotation availability. There is no additional fee. Perspective sonography students must have a 3.0 GPA overall and must successfully have completed the core required radiography courses taken in the sophomore year.

In the event there are more applicants than available slots, positions will be awarded as followed:

  2. MU overall GPA
  3. ACT scores

In the event the number of applicants exceeds the available positions; students are selected based on SOMI coursework GPAs. If there are ties, then the overall Marshall/college GPA will be considered. If additional ties occur, the instructor will consider ACT scores

Registered technologists who wish to apply are welcome to do so and should follow the application procedure outlined in SHB 1.2 b and c.

The Sonography program application is available here.