Breast Reconstruction Program

St. Mary’s Breast Reconstruction Program offers a unique collaboration between breast surgeons and reconstructive surgery to optimize your surgical recovery and sense of self.

HIMG physician Ben Moosavi, MD, works together with you from day one to provide you with the best possible outcome and aesthetic results.

Benefits to the patient include:

  • Direct referral
  • Same surgical team
  • Multi-disciplinary approach of seeing both doctors in the same place
  • Convenience of same floor for admissions
  • Patient education and instruction
  • Breast reconstruction nurse navigator to follow up

The St. Mary’s breast reconstruction program, provides aesthetic breast reconstruction:

  • Oncoplastic breast reconstruction
  • Implant based breast reconstruction (Immediate-to-implant and anatomic implant techniques)
  • Autologous breast reconstruction
  • TRAM and latissimus flap techniques
  • Hidden Scar™ breast reconstruction techniques