Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment

Patients are referred to St. Mary’s Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment Program by a physician. During an initial counseling session, personal and family medical histories are explored. If the patient decides to proceed, a blood sample is drawn and sent for testing.

Once the test results are received the patient is scheduled for a follow-up appointment to discuss them. A negative result indicates no increased risk of cancer. A positive result means the patient is at increased cancer risk and needs to seek appropriate medical management to help reduce that risk.

Because St. Mary’s believes in a team effort in cancer prevention, detection and control, the very latest in oncology services are available to patients in our region. National support services include sharing of educational and research data, clinical research protocols and direct consultation between local physicians and nationally recognized experts.

Rererral guidelines include a personal or family history of:

  • Breast cancer before age 50
  • Ovarian cancer at any age
  • Colon cancer before age 50
  • History of multiple colon polyps
  • Melanoma at any age

For more information about the Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment Program at St. Mary’s Regional Cancer Center, call 304.526.1872.