Weight Loss Surgery

Clinically severe obesity is a dangerous health problem. Fortunately, it is not one that you must endure alone. St. Mary’s Surgical Weight Loss Solutions at HIMG offers the only proven, successful method to help men and women with clinically severe obesity lose weight and keep it off. If you are serious about your desire to lose weight and gain a healthy lifestyle, the staff at St. Mary’s Surgical Weight Loss Solutions at HIMG can help with counseling, surgical intervention, nutritional guidance and ongoing support.

Weight loss surgery is a serious surgical procedure and requires extreme changes in lifestyle, eating and nutritional habits. Generally, patients who are good candidates for the procedure:

  • Have a body mass index of 40 or greater
  • Have made numerous unsuccessful attempts to lose weight and keep it off
  • Have a strong personal desire to lose weight and improve health
  • Fully understand and are prepared for the lifelong changes that will result from surgery
  • Are 100 pounds or more overweight
  • Have been overweight for more than five years

The procedure St. Mary’s Surgical Weight Loss Solutions at HIMG offers is the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG). The LSG removes 85 percent of the stomach and creates a small sleeve stomach about the size of a small banana. It is not reversible, but because it is minimally invasive, patients are discharged sooner and recover more quickly, with less discomfort and fewer post-surgical complications.

Because of the lifelong change it will require, St. Mary's Medical Center requires an in-depth evaluation prior to considering any patient for weight loss surgery. This evaluation includes a thorough medical history and examination, as well as an evaluation of lifestyle and motivation. St. Mary's Surgical Weight Loss Solutions is located at HIMG, 5170 U.S. Route 60 East, Huntington. For more information, call 304.522.7600.