Transfer Center

The purpose of the Transfer Center is to provide a centralized communication line for seamless and rapid transfer of patients into St. Mary’s. The center was developed in response to feedback from referring physicians and hospitals in our region and changes in the marketplace.

The Transfer Center is staffed by an experienced critical care nurse 24 hours a day to facilitate all transfers and admissions from other sources.

The patient access nurse will:
  1. Obtain pertinent information about the patient
  2. Locate an accepting physician
  3. Arrange for a bed in the appropriate level of care
  4. Arrange air transport and assist with ground transport, as needed
Benefits to referring physicians/facilities:
  1. "One call does it all" concept saves time
  2. All communications are with a medically knowledgeable person, a registered nurse with a strong critical care background
  3. No transfers of calls between departments and waiting on hold
  4. Most importantly, patients receive the care they need, as quickly as possible

To contact the transfer center call: 1 (866) 766-2362, local: 304.526.1999, fax: 304.399.7268.