Patient Responsibilities

Patients also have a responsibility to the Medical Center. The Medical Center has the right to expect patients to:

  1. Provide accurate and complete information about their past and present health status and hospitalizations; report changes in their condition; and to question any actions or orders that they do not understand.
  2. Follow the treatment plans prepared in consultation with them by their physicians and nurses.
  3. Be responsible for their actions and the results if they refuse treatment or do not follow caregivers' instructions.
  4. Follow Medical Center rules and regulations affecting their care and conduct.
  5. Adhere to Marshall Health Network's Anti-Violence Policy.
  6. Follow the no-smoking rule which states that patients and visitors will not smoke in the Medical Center and only in designated areas outside of the facility.
  7. Be considerate of other patients and Medical Center personnel; respect the property of other patients and the Medical Center; and to assist with the control of their visitors.
  8. Provide accurate and complete information concerning their next of kin and medical power of attorney, and their financial situation and to be responsible for their financial obligations.
  9. Make known to the patient representative, administration or nursing, either by telephone or letter, any complaints regarding the services received from the hospital.
  10. Leave valuables such as jewelry, money, and credit cards at home.